Fluid Mechanics Learning Modules

The following learning modules are listed in the order in which they are taught by Professor John M. Cimbala at Penn State University. These modules are meant to be self-taught, self-paced learning tools, some with on-line quizzes, which are supplements to the textbook and lectures of a typical undergraduate course in fluid mechanics.

What is Fluid Mechanics?
Dimensions and Units in Fluid Mechanics
Descriptions of Fluid Flows
Material Acceleration
Basic Fluid Properties
Introduction to Pressure in Fluid Mechanics
Derivation of Navier-Stokes Equations
Introduction to Hydrostatics
Applications of Hydrostatics
Rigid Body Motion in Fluid Mechanics
Dimensional Analysis and Similarity
Control Volume (Integral) Technique
Conservation of Mass using Control Volumes
Conservation of Momentum using Control Volumes
Conservation of Energy using Control Volumes