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Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Message from Eric Marsh, undergraduate program coordinator in mechanical engineering

Dear ME Class of 2020,

Congratulations on completing your degree in mechanical engineering. You worked so hard, took so many classes and now you’re ready to help design and build our shared future. I wish you the very best on your lifelong journey. Your graduating class will always be remembered!

Message from Matthew Rau, assistant professor of mechanical engineering

Message from Sukwon Choi, assistant professor of mechanical engineering

Congratulations on graduating. I wish you the best in the exciting career you have chosen and good luck for the new beginning in life. We are proud of you and will miss you a lot.

Message from Daniel Haworth, graduate programs coordinator

Message from Aman Haque, professor of mechanical engineering


Message from Michael Alley, teaching professor of mechanical engineering

Dear Mechanical Engineering Class of 2020—

Congratulations on achieving a major milestone in your careers. Thank you for your hard work, for the excellence that you demonstrated in your studies, for your teamwork in large courses, for your enthusiasm to learn, and for your professionalism. Different classes of students have different personalities, and having worked with you in ME 340 and ME 297, I can attest that you were a joy to be around. As students, you inspired me and my faculty colleagues to work harder. Although your graduation day will not be the one that you imagined, your graduation will never be forgotten—not by you and certainly not by us. As a graduating class of mechanical engineers, you are a powerful force for the world to reckon with. Be a force of good, stay in touch with each other, and visit us when the opportunity arises. We have been honored to have had you as students, and we look forward to the successes that you will achieve as alumni.

Message from Daniel Cortes, assistant professor of mechanical engineering

Message from Andrea Gregg, director of pedagogy and online programs


Message from Jacqueline O'Connor, associate professor of mechanical engineering

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