ME 458 Engineering Noise Control

Fall 2000
Instructor: J. S. Lamancusa
Lecture: 1:25 - 2:15 M W 217 Hammond
Lab: Thursday 24 Hammond

Cool Animations
Animation du Jour: Reflection from an absorbing wall
Motion of organ of Corti    Standing Waves on Basilar Membrane
Plane and Spherical Waves
Dr. Vic Sparrow's Animations at PSU
Dr. Dan Russell's Animations at Kettering University

Course Materials

Course Syllabus
1. Introduction to Noise Control
2. Fundamentals of Hearing
     Cochlear Mechanics - Boystown Hospital
3. Human Response to Sound
4. Noise Metrics and Regulations
5. The Physics of Sound
6. Units and Levels
7. Instrumentation for Noise Measurements
8. Room Acoustics
     Absorption Coefficients, Impedance Tube Testing
     Matlab animation of wave reflection from absorbing wall
9. Transmission Through Structures
     Transmission Loss Data for common materials
10. Outdoor Sound Propagation
11. Fan Noise
12. Vibration Control
     ASHRAE Applications excerpt - Vibration Isolation

ME458 Laboratory Exercises

Lab 1 - Divergence and Directivity
Lab 2 - Frequency Analysis
    Additional info: Relating noise frequencies to physical phenomena
         Skil Hand Drill Mechanical Details
         Black and Decker Hand Drill Mechanical Details
Lab 3 - Reverberation Time
Lab 4 - Acoustic Materials
    Additional Info: Absorption and Impedance Tubes
Lab 5 - Sound Power
Lab 6 - Enclosures
Lab 7 - Layered Damping
Lab 8 - Barriers
Lab 9 - Helmholtz Resonator

ACS597 Laboratory Exercises

Lab 1 - Divergence and Directivity
Lab 2 - Frequency Analysis
Lab 3 - Room Acoustics
Lab 4 - Sound Power Measurement

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Hearing Conservation
  • Okla State University online safety library
  • Boystown National Research Hospital
  • NIH Noise and Hearing Loss report
  • National Institute on Deafness and Communications Disorders
  • Auditory Home Page - McGill University
  • On-line course on Hearing and Balance from University of Wisconsin
    Noise Control Materials
  • Empire Acoustical Systems
  • Industrial Acoustics Co.
  • Sound Seal Co.
  • Sonex Noise Control Products
  • Mason Industries - vibration isolators
  • Blachford Ltd - barrier and absorbing materials
    Hearing Protectors
  • Howard Leight
  • PSU Acoustics Department
  • Searchwave

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