ME 300 Engineering Thermodynamics

Basic thermodynamics concepts, properties of pure substances, first and second law analysis of systems and control volumes. All course information including syllabus, lecture notes and assignment are available in Penn State ANGEL.

ME (NUCE) 406  Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics

Statistical description of systems composed of large numbers of particles in the context of classical and quantum mechanics; basic concepts of probability theory and thermodynamics as they relate to statistical mechanics.

ME 403 Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Engines

A comprehensive and detailed introduction to the fundamental principles of fuel cell science, the introduction to their fundamental concepts and applications, with a global perspective of the field and the practical significance of fuel cells and potential applications.

ME 597 Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage

This course examines materials related to energy conversion and storage techniques, including fuel cells and batteries. The course will consist of lecture, lab activities, and projects.

ME 400 Thermodynamics of Propulsion and Power Systems

Analysis and modeling of propulsion and power systems, including combustion, compressible flow through nozzles, chemical equilibrium, and moist air systems.