• HomePic01The Fall 2015 semester is in full swing. Nuclear Engineering 310 students are already working hard and taking notes.

  • HomePic02Dr. Jacqueline O'Connor teaches a mechanical engineering class. There is always a lot of positive energy and anticipation on first day.

  • HomePic03Students listen to the instructor in an early morning mechanical engineering class.

  • HomePic04In early June, Penn State hosted representatives from Volvo Group Trucks Technology and the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) to explore an east coast—west coast collaboration around intelligent commercial vehicle research.

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  • HomePic05Luis Ocampo Giraldo, a third year doctoral candidate in nuclear engineering, is the recipient of the 2015 Council of College Multicultural Leadership Way Paver Student Award. In addition, he received a 2015 GEM PhD Fellowship. Ocampo is working on his doctoral research under his advisor Kenan Ünlü, professor of nuclear engineering. His research focuses on the design, testing, and implementation of novel radiation detectors for nuclear security and safeguards.
  • HomePic06To learn more about the new faculty that will be joining the department click on the link below.

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Proposed student-centered space in Reber Building designed to foster teamwork

Proposed student-centered space in Reber Building designed to foster teamwork

May 21, 2015

Karen Thole, department head, mechanical and nuclear engineering, envisions a space in Reber Building for engineering students to get together to work on projects, access technology for homework, or collaborate on research. The 7,500 square foot E-Knowledge Commons, as the new space will be named, will be designed around the idea of peer-to-peer learning. Read more...

ME Seminar Series

Dr. Daniel Cortes - Penn State University

September 1 @ 4:00 PM in 135 Reber


Nuc E Seminar Series

Stephen G. Burns, Chairman - United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission

September 2 @ 4:00 PM in 22 Deike Building


ME Seminar Series

Dr. Karen Thole - Penn State University

September 8 @ 4:00 PM in 135 Reber


NucE Seminar Series

Barbara Hamrick, CHP, JD

September 10 @ 4:00 PM in 135 Reber