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Gita Talmage

Professor Emerita


  • Mechanical Engineering

306 Reber Building


Interest Areas:

Fluid mechanics: energy conversion systems, thin-film lubrication, pneumatics, crystal growth.





Journal Articles

  • Gita Talmage, 2011, "Thermal structural effects in a gas lubricated foil journal bearing", Tribology Transactions, 54, (5), pp. 701-713
  • Marc Carpino and Gita Talmage, 2010, "Minimum film thickness in a gas foil journal bearing with an unbalanced rotor", Tribology Transactions, 53, (3), pp. 433-439
  • Marc Carpino and Gita Talmage, 2008, "Sub-foil stiffness effects in gas lubricated foil journal bearings", Tribology Transactions, 51, (5), pp. 602-608
  • Marc Carpino and Gita Talmage, 2006, "Prediction of rotor dynamic coefficients in gas lubricated foil journal bearings with corrugated sub-foils", Tribology Transactions, 49, pp. 400-409
  • Marc Carpino and Gita Talmage, 2003, "A fully coupled finite element formulation for elastically supported foil bearings", Tribology Transactions, 46, (4), pp. 560-565
  • J. Liu, Gita Talmage and J. S. Walker, 2001, "Stability of the base flow to axisymmetric and plane-polar disturbances in an electrically driven flow between infinitely long, concentric cylinders", Journal of Fluids Engineering, 123, (1), pp. 31-42
  • Gita Talmage, S.-H. Shyu, J. M. Lopez and K. S. Walker, 2000, "Inertial effects in the rotationally driven melt motion during the Czochralski growth of silicon crystals with a strong axial magnetic field", Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Physik ZAMP, 51, (2), pp. 267-289
  • T. Ovaert and Gita Talmage, 1999, "The temperature of sliding contacts: Application to the anisotropic medium of continuous fiber-reinforced composites", Tribology Transactions, 42, (3), pp. 654-660
  • Gita Talmage, S.-H. Shyu, M. J. Money, S. Tavener and K. A. Cliffe, 1998, "Inertial effects on electrically conducting fluids in the presence of transverse magnetic fields: An example problem", International Journal of Engineering Science, 36, (1), pp. 1-14
  • Gita Talmage and M. Carpino, 1997, "A pseudospectral-finite difference analysis of an infinitely wide slider bearing with thermal and inertial effects", Tribology Transactions, 40, (2), pp. 251-258

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