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Global Engineering Opportunities

Engineering is a global occupation. Whether they are working for a multinational company or designing and manufacturing for clients overseas, engineers today need to be aware of how to interact across the world. Have you considered making study abroad part of your mechanical engineering education? It’s easier than you think. Listed below are some ways for you to gain international exposure.

Study Abroad

Mechanical Engineering Semester Abroad

The Mechanical Engineering Semester Abroad program offers specific exchange partnerships with universities in China, Singapore, England, Germany, France, and Australia, giving you the opportunity to spend a semester overseas studying in your major, in your language, without pushing back your graduation date. Visit the ME semester abroad webpage to learn more. If you want to spend a semester abroad, visit the College of Engineering's Global Education page.

Program Features

  • Take classes in English.
  • Graduate on time.
  • Take classes in your major.
  • No additional tuition.
  • Travel scholarships are available.
  • Take advantage of special opportunities like internships, research, or cultural travel. 

Other Study Abroad Options*

If you are looking for a study abroad experience in a location not supported by the Mechanical Engineering Semester Abroad program, search the College of Engineering's Program Matrix to see what programs are open to engineering students.

In addition, Penn State offers Penn State and non-Penn State study abroad options and services through the Education Abroad (EA) program.

*Please note that there is no guarantee of instructional language or credit transfer outside of the Mechanical Engineering Semester Abroad program.

Summer or Short-Term and Embedded Programs

If you don't want to make a semester-long commitment, or if you have specific interests in global engineering, summer or short-term global programs may be the answer. A mechanical engineering-specific program on automotive technologies is available in Germany, and there are more generalized engineering programs, such as engineering design, renewable energy, global business and leadership, and water resource management.

Campus-Based Courses with a Global Focus

Gain a global experience without leaving campus. The Department's Capstone Design program offers you a chance to partner with global teams to experience global workflow, and the College offers several courses that focus on global engineering issues. View a list of courses.

Extracurricular Programs and Activities

Several engineering-related student groups on campus provide the opportunity to gain a global perspective through the lens of engineering without requiring travel. Find out what clubs and groups are available on the Student Life page.

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