Capstone Students from Sweden

Campus-Based Global Courses

Capstone Design Experience

All fourth-year students are required to take a capstone design course that applies engineering knowledge to a hands-on, company-sponsored project. To give our graduates the opportunity to collaborate with team members across the globe, the Department has partnered with several overseas universities. One section of the Capstone Design course is dedicated to these cross-cultural teams.

ME 440W and ME 441W: Mechanical Systems Design Project

You have the option of partnering with students from China's Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the National University of Singapore, Seoul National University, or South Korea's Chonnam University.

Courses with Global Components

All of these courses are taught on-campus with an international focus; however, some include an optional travel component. Check the course descriptions for specific requirements.

Courses in the School of Engineering Design and Innovation (SEDI)

  • EDSGN 425: Global Engineering Design
  • EDSGN 452: Projects in Community Service Engineering
  • EDSGN 497: International Design, Entrepreneurship and Leadership
  • EDSGN 497: Kenyan Seminar

Learn more about SEDI or visit the Penn State Schedule of Courses.

General Engineering Courses with a Global Perspective

  • ENGR 420Y: Design for Global Society
  • ENGR 497: Global Business Seminar*
  • ENGR 497: International Entrepreneurship and Organizational Leadership*

*Note that the ENGR 497 course number is a temporary number, so these courses may not be the same as ones offered this semester. Check the descriptions in Penn State Schedule of Courses for the current course offerings.

Click here to read about more Penn State courses with an global component.

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