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Photo of Joel Anstrom

Joel Anstrom

Senior Research Associate

205 Transportation Research Building


Photo of Michael Barringer

Michael Barringer

Associate Research Professor

145 Cato Park Engineering Building


Photo of Reid Berdanier

Reid Berdanier

Associate Research Professor

147 Cato Park Engineering Building


Photo of J Eric Boyer

J Eric Boyer

Assistant Research Professor

137 Research Building East


Photo of Mark Fedkin

Mark Fedkin

Assistant Research Professor

219 Academic Project Building


Photo of Shanhai Ge

Shanhai Ge

Associate Research Professor



Photo of Christopher Greer

Christopher Greer

Assistant Research Professor

312 Reber Building


Photo of Suresh Iyer

Suresh Iyer

Research Professor

201 Transportation Research Building


Photo of Rong Kou

Rong Kou

Assistant Research Professor

159 EEL

Photo of Malgorzata Kowalik

Malgorzata Kowalik

Associate Research Professor

240 Research East


Photo of Guoxing Li

Guoxing Li

Assistant Research Professor

133 Energy and Environmental Lab


Photo of Qian Mao

Qian Mao

Assistant Research Professor

134 Research East Building


Photo of Amira Meddeb

Amira Meddeb

Associate Research Professor

N259 Millennium Science Complex


Photo of Yun Kyung Shin

Yun Kyung Shin

Associate Research Professor

135 Research East Building


Photo of Vineet Vishwakarma

Vineet Vishwakarma

Assistant Research Professor

137 Reber Building

Photo of Dundar Yilmaz

Dundar Yilmaz

Associate Research Professor

138 Research East Building




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