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Joel Anstrom

Senior Research Associate


  • Larson Transportation Institute
  • Mechanical Engineering

205 Transportation Research Building


Interest Areas:

Hybrid and hydrogen vehicle system integration and development including system design, modeling, and testing.




  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, 1983
  • MS, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, 1992
  • Ph D, Mechanical Engineering, The, 2002


Journal Articles

  • D. A. Streit, C. Y. Wang, C. E. Bakis, C. Randall, M. Lanagan, R. Tallon, Joel R Anstrom, D. Jonassen, R. Marra and J. Wakhungu, 2001, "Graduate Automotive Technology Education in Energy Storage Systems-GATE Penn State", International Journal of Continuing Education and Life Long Learning
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  • Joel R Anstrom, Paul H. Kydd, Heitmann D. Paul, Kevin Komara and Michael E. Crouse, , "Vehicle-Solar-Grid Integration: Concept and Construction", IEEE Power and Energy Technology Systems Journal

Conference Proceedings

  • Ji Liu, Guang Li, Joel R Anstrom, Sean Brennan and Hosam K. Fathy, 2015, "Optimal Charging Based on the Gauss Pseudospectral Method and Flatness Property", ASME 2014 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference
  • Ji Liu, Guang Li, Joel R Anstrom, Sean Brennan and Hosam K. Fathy, 2015, "Exploiting Differential Flatness and Pseudospectral Optimization to Improve the Computational Efficiency of Health-Conscious Lithium-Ion Battery Control", Joint ECS and SMEQ Joint International Meeting
  • Jariullah Safi, Michael Beeney, Michelle Kehs, Joel R Anstrom, Sean Brennan and Hosam Fathy, 2015, "Improving Collective SOC Estimation Accuracy using Mutual Information in a Series Li-Ion Battery String", 2014 American Control Conference
  • Jariullah Safi, Joel R Anstrom, Sean Brennan and Hosam K. Fathy, 2015, "Differential Diagnostics for Lithium Ion Battery Cells Connected in Series", ASME 2014 Dynamic Systems and Controls Conference
  • Michael J. Rothenberger, Joel R Anstrom, Sean Brennan and Hosam K. Fathy, 2015, "Maximizing parameter Identifiabililty of an Equivalent-Circuit Battery Model Using Optimal Periodic Input Shaping", ASME 2014 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference
  • Joel R Anstrom, 2006, "IMECE2006-14751 Modeling Transient Response of Hybrid Vehicle with Stability Algorithm", 2006 ASME international Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition
  • Heath Hofmann, Joel R Anstrom, Amit Batra, Benjamin Zile and Kandler Smith, 2005, "Simulation and Field-Testing of Hybrid Ultra-Capacitor/Battery Energy Storage Systems for Electric and Hybrid-Electric Transit Vehicles", 2005 American Power Electronics Conference
  • H. Hofman, Joel R Anstrom, A. Batra, K. Smith and B. Zile, 2003, "Simulation and Field-Testing of Hybrid Ultra-Capacitor/Battery Energy Storage Systems for Electric Transit Vehicles", The Sixth Annual Transportation Conference Proceedings of the Pennsylvania Transportation Institute, pp. 139-148
  • Joel R Anstrom, 2003, "IMECE2003-43188 Model Development for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Dynamic Stability Systems", 2003 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition
  • B. Thomas, W. B. Gu, Joel R Anstrom, C. Y. Wang and D. A. Streit, 2000, "In-Vehicle Testing and Computer Modeling of Electric Vehicle Batteries", Proceedings of the 17th Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS-17)
  • Joel R Anstrom, B. Ayalew, R. Bartholomew and D. A. Streit, 1999, "Future Truck 2000: Design of a Four-Wheel Drive Hybrid Electric Sport Utility Vehicle", 2nd Annual PTI Transportation Conference


  • Joel R Anstrom, 2015, "Ch 2: Hydrogen-fueled motorcycles, bicycles, and industrial trucks", 4, pp. 11
  • Joel R Anstrom and Kirk Collier, 2015, "Ch. 8: Blended-hydrogen-natural gas fueled internal combustion engines and fueling infrastructure", 3, pp. 13
  • Joel R Anstrom and Zoltan Rado, 2008, "Hydrogen Station and Fleet Demonstration at Penn State"

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