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Andrea Gregg

Director of Online Pedagogy
Associate Research Professor


  • Mechanical Engineering

231 Reber Building


Research Areas:

Educational Assessment and Evaluation; Engineering Education; Faculty Development

Interest Areas:

Online and distance learning; Mechanical Engineering teaching and learning efficacy; Learners' experiences in online and hybrid learning environments; Mediating role of educational technologies; Microcredentialing and student motivation; UX, LMS, and online course design




  • BA, History, Northwestern University, 1996
  • BA, Mathematics, Northwestern University, 1996
  • MA, Speech Communication, The Pennsylvania State University, 2000
  • Ph D, Learning, Design, and Technology, The Pennsylvania State University, 2016



  • Bethany Simunich, Andrea Gregg and Penny Ralston-Berg, 2024, High Impact Design for Online Courses (HIDOC): A Practical Guide for Every Online Instructor, Stylus Publishing, United States

Journal Articles

  • Andrea Gregg, 2023, "Going through the motions? Asynchronous online course discussions considered within a learner experience design framework", The Journal of Applied Instructional Design, 12, (3)
  • Andrea Gregg, Junxiu Yu, Jessica Resig, Lynne Johnson, Eunsung Park and Philip R Stuczynski, 2021, "Promising Educational Technology Meets Complex System: a 6-year Case Study of an Adaptive Learning Project from Initial Exploration Through the End of a Pilot", Journal of Formative Design in Learning, 5, (1), pp. 62-77
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  • Siu Ling Leung, Brianne Hargrove, Eric Marsh, Andrea Gregg and Karen Thole, 2020, "Prompting by COVID-19 to Rethink the Purpose of Engineering Laboratory Education - Develop Practical Competence to Solve Real-World Problem", Advances in Engineering Education, 8, (4)
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  • Rick L. Shearer, Andrea Gregg and K.P. Joo, 2015, "Deep Learning in Distance Education: Are We Achieving the Goal?", American Journal of Distance Education, 29, (2), pp. 126-134

Conference Proceedings

  • Samantha Splendido, Andrea Gregg and Catherine Berdanier, 2023, "Student Success in 4-D (SS4D): Toward a Holistic Understanding of Engineering Student Success in Motivation, Curricular Attainment and Experiential Opportunities across Educational Stages"
  • Jennifer Weible, Jessica Briskin and Andrea Gregg, 2023, "Examining Instructional Design Across Corporate, Higher Education, and K-12 Industries."
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  • Andrea Gregg and Jacqueline O'Connor, 2022, "Reflecting while doing: Integrating active learning and metacognitive activities in a fully online thermodynamics course"
  • Andrea Gregg, Eric R Marsh and Karen A Thole, 2021, "Augmenting Traditional ME Curriculum with Digital Badge Microcredentials"
  • Andrea Gregg, Catherine Berdanier and Karen A Thole, 2021, "Theoretical and Applied Perspectives on Online Graduate Engineering Education: Learning-Centered Vision, Administration, and Course Design", ASEE Conferences
  • Eunsung Park, Andrea Gregg, Roy Clariana, Junxiu Yu and Jessica Resig, 2020, "Self-Regulated Learning and Adaptive Learning Analytics Dashboards: A Reflexive Thematic Analysis", American Educational Research Association
  • Andrea Gregg, Davin Carr-Chellman and Ali Carr-Chellman, 2019, "Craving Meaning: Adult Learning and Online Course Discussions", American Educational Research Association
  • Andrea Gregg and Lynne Johnson, 2017, "Adaptive Learning and Returning Adult Online Students"
  • Nicole Wang, Martin Yeh, Andrea Gregg, Chenyang Zhu, Amy Garbrick and Kyle Peck, 2017, "Beyond academic grade dashboard: Integrating performance visualization to increase peer support: a work in-progress paper"
  • Ronda Reid, Andrea Gregg, Vicki Williams and Amy Garbrick, 2016, "Asking students what they think: Student user experience (UX) research studies to inform online course design", Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), pp. 451-456
  • Brent G Wilson and Andrea Gregg, 2015, "How human agency contributes to thinking about e-learning", 38, (2), pp. 337-342
  • Rick Shearer, Andrea Gregg, KP Joo and Kimberly Graham, 2014, "Transactional distance in MOOCs: A critical analysis of dialogue, structure, and learner autonomy"

Research Projects

Honors and Awards


Service to Penn State:

  • Committee Work, Chairperson, ME Education Innovation Committee, 2021
  • Academic Leadership and Support Work, Member, Digital Learning Academic Council (DLAC), November 2019
  • Committee Work, Member, Digital Learning Implementation Council (DLIC), 2019 - 2022

Service to External Organizations:




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