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  • Mechanical Engineering

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  • Bachelor of Science, Biological Engineering, Purdue University, 2013
  • Master of Science in Engineering, Civil Engineering, Purdue University, 2016
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Civil Engineering, Purdue University, 2021


Journal Articles

  • Kushal Seth, Margaret Busse, Gyoung Jang, Sanket Joag, Kyungho Kim, Thomas Pankratz, Divyansh Sahu, Ramesh Sharma, Jennifer Stokes-Draut, Costas Tsouris and Shankararaman Chellam, 2023, "Electrocoagulation of high-salinity produced water: lessons learned from its early applications in unconventional reservoir plays", Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering, 42
  • Margaret M Busse, Jason K Hawes and Ernest R Blatchley III, 2022, "Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Direct and Indirect Solar Water Disinfection Processes for Application in Low-income Settings", Environmental Science & Technology
  • Margaret M Busse, Matouš Becker, Bruce M Applegate, Joseph W Camp and Ernest R Blatchley III, 2019, "Responses of Salmonella typhimurium LT2, Vibrio harveyi, and Cryptosporidium parvum to UVB and UVA radiation", Chemical Engineering Journal, 371, pp. 10
  • Melissa Brindise, Margaret Busse and Pavlos Vlachos, 2018, "Density- and viscosity-matched Newtonian and non-Newtonian blood-analog solutions with PDMS refractive index", Experiments in Fluids, 59, (11)
  • Albert Alwang, Margaret Busse, Audrey Caprio, Marieke Fenton, Jason Hawes, Andrew Kanach and Autumn Mcelfresh-Sutton, 2017, "Water Supply in Developing Countries: Student Experiences in the Dominican Republic", Purdue Journal of Service-Learning and International Engagement, 4, (1), pp. 7

Conference Proceedings

  • Margaret Busse, Jennifer Stokes-Draut, Mary Kay Camarillo, Dev Millstein, Margaret Slattery, Michael McKibben, Patrick Dobson and William Stringfellow, , "Environmental Impact Assessment of Lithium Recovery from Geothermal Brines in the SS-KGRA: An Overview", Geothermal Rising Conference


  • Patrick Dobson, Naod Araya, Maryjo Brounce, Margaret Busse, Mary Kay Camarillo, Lauren English, Jennifer Humphreys, Boriana Kalderon-Asael, Michael A. McKibben, Dev Millstein, Nori Nakata, John O’Sullivan, Noah Planavsky, Joris Popineau, Theo Renaud, Jérémy Riffault, Margaret Slattery, Eric Sonnenthal, Nicolas Spycher, Jennifer Stokes-Draut, William T. Stringfellow and Malcolm C.A. White, 2023, "Characterizing the Geothermal Lithium Resource at the Salton Sea", pp. 350
  • Joseph Sinfield, Romika Kotian and Margaret Busse, 2019, "Application of Comprehensive Issue Analysis to Inform Development Research in East Africa, Part 1: Basic Education (BE), Maternal/Child Healthcare (MCH)"
  • Joseph Sinfield, Romika Kotian and Margaret Busse, 2019, "Application of Comprehensive Issue Analysis to Inform Development Research in East Africa, Part 2: Food Security (FS); Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH)"

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