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Xiang Yang

Assistant Professor


  • Mechanical Engineering

132 Research Building East

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Research Areas:

Computational and Experimental Fluid Dynamics; Thermal/Fluid Sciences

Interest Areas:

Computational fluid mechanics, reduced-order modeling, LES wall modeling, electro-convection, high speed flows, data-based turbulence modeling, drag reduction




  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, Peking University, 2012
  • Ph D, Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 2016


Journal Articles

  • Xiang Yang, Haosen Xu, Xinyi Huang and Mingwei Ge, 2019, "Drag forces on sparsely packed cube arrays", Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 880, pp. 992-1019
  • Mingwei Ge, Ying Wu, Yongqian Liu and Xiang Yang, 2019, "A two-dimensional Jensen model with a Gaussian-shaped velocity deficit", Renewable Energy, 141, pp. 46-56
  • Xiang Yang, Suhaib Zafar, Jianxun Wang and Heng Xiao, 2019, "Predictive large-eddy-simulation wall modeling via physics-informed neural networks", Physical Review Fluids, 4, (3), pp. 034602
  • Mingwe Ge, Xiang Yang and Ivan Marusic, 2019, "Velocity probability distribution scaling in wall-bounded flows at high Reynolds numbers", Physical Review Fluids, 4, (3), pp. 034101
  • Xiang Yang and Charles Meneveau, 2019, "Hierarchical random additive model for wall-bounded flows at high Reynolds numbers", Fluid Dynamics Research, 51, (1), pp. 011405
  • Xiang Yang, Rio Baidya, Yu Lv and Ivan Marusic, 2018, "Hierarchical random additive model for the spanwise and wall-normal velocities in wall-bounded flows at high Reynolds numbers", Physical Review Fluids, 3, (12), pp. 124606
  • Michael Howland and Xiang Yang, 2018, "Dependence of small-scale energetics on large scales in turbulent flows", Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 852, pp. 641-662
  • Xiang Yang and Yu Lv, 2018, "A semi-locally scaled eddy viscosity formulation for LES wall models and flows at high speeds", Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics, 32, (5), pp. 617-627
  • Haosen Xu and Xiang Yang, 2018, "Fractality and the law of the wall", Physical Review E, 97, (5)
  • Xiang Yang and Mahdi Abkar, 2018, "A hierarchical random additive model for passive scalars in wall-bounded flows at high Reynolds numbers", Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 842, pp. 354-380
  • Peter Ma, Xiang Yang and Matthias Ihme, 2018, "Structure of wall-bounded flows at transcritical conditions", Physical Review Fluids, 3, (3), pp. 034609
  • Xiang Yang and Michael Howland, 2018, "Implication of Taylor’s hypothesis on measuring flow modulation", Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 836, pp. 222-237
  • Aaron Towne, Adrian Lozano-Duran and Xiang Yang, , "Resolvent-based estimation of space-time flow statistics", Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Research Projects

  • June 2018 - July 2018, "Modeling electrical currents through an ion-selective membrane in the overlimiting regime," (Sponsor: Center for Turbulence Research).

Honors and Awards

  • CTR summer program fellowship, Center for Turbulence Research, June 2018 - July 2018
  • Andreas Acrivos Dissertation Award, American Physical Society, November 2017


Service to Penn State:

  • Committee Work, Committee Member, RCCI Executive Committee, October 2019

Service to External Organizations:




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