Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

Summer Programs

International Summer Program for Automotive Engineering Technologies - University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany

This ten-week program combines theory, hands-on practice and visits to core German automotive companies. The program includes two weeks of intensive German language and culture study, excursions throughout Germany, a lecture program, and a hands-on research project.

Students gain 3 lower-level credits of German language and 6 upper-level credits in mechanical engineering for this program.

ENGR 197A: Impact of History, Culture, Society, and Environment on Engineering Design in China

This 3-credit, 3-week course offered in the first summer session teaches students about Chinese history and culture and confronts the challenges of globalization. Students will participate in field trips to major engineering projects and learn about design adaptations made in China due to history, culture, society, and environment.

Students may petition to use these 3 credits as a GS/IL.

Embedded Programs

Courses with an embedded international component offer opportunities to gain short-term global experience. These courses may be offered on campus or online and generally involve one to two weeks of international travel. The travel component often takes place during a semester break or at the end of the semester.

ENGR 497: International Practicum - Hungary* (1)

This class is an international practicum offered in May at Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary. Students learn about small and medium-sized enterprises in Central Europe, new business startup, international law, and more. The course promotes intercultural understanding, increases global business acumen, and develops leadership skills and innovative thinking with respect to global entrepreneurship.

ENGR 497: Leadership and Innovation for Meeting 21st Century Water Resource Challenges* (2)

This course partners university students from the U.S. and Morocco (Ecole Mohammadia d'Ingenieurs) to study leadership and innovation in the context of water resource management and engineering. Students learn about historic trans-border water issues, current technology for water treatment, and future global water resource challenges. The course promotes intercultural understanding, raises global awareness, and develops leadership skills and innovative thinking with respect to engineering design to meet 21st century water resource challenges.

*Note that the ENGR 497 course number is a temporary number, so these courses may not be the same as ones offered this semester. Check the Penn State Schedule of Coursesfor the current course offerings.

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